Ex Libris Group Releases Digital Preservation System

Jan 09, 2009


Ex Libris Group, a provider of automation solutions for academic, national, and research libraries, announced the release of Ex Libris Rosetta for digital libraries. Ex Libris Rosetta provides libraries with the infrastructure and technology needed to preserve and facilitate access to and understanding of the digital collections under their guardianship. Ex Libris Rosetta supports the acquisition, validation, ingest, storage, management, preservation and dissemination of different types of digital objects while enforcing the relevant policies that can vary from one institution to another. Numerous people within and outside of the institution can contribute to the system. Objects are first loaded to a depository, in which the validity and origin of the assets are verified, enabling the institution to record when, how, and by whom the item was created. These assets are then enriched, to ensure that the institution has all of the descriptive and technical metadata needed to preserve the assets for the long-term. The digital resources are saved in a sustainable format, and continually evaluated to guarantee their ongoing usability.