Ex Libris Expands the MetaLib Knowledge Base with GIDEON Research Resources

Jul 31, 2007

Ex Libris Group and GIDEON Informatics have announced that a successful beta-testing period carried out by MetaLib customers and Ex Libris staff has been added to the MetaLib Central Knowledge Base (CKB). Researchers will now be able to use the MetaLib interface to search the GIDEON database for medical resources that aid in diagnosing and referencing a range of ailments. Ex Libris remains focused on continually enhancing the MetaLib Central Knowledge Base. Earlier this year, TechXtra and PerX, two major engineering and technology resources, were added to the MetaLib CKB, greatly expanding the range of cross-searchable engineering, mathematics, and computing resources in the MetaLib gateway and metasearch system.

(www.gideononline.com; www.exlibrisgroup.com; www.exlibrisgroup.com/metalib.htm)