Evergage Recommend Adds New Recommendation Capabilities to Personalization Platform

Aug 11, 2015


Evergage, a provider of real-time personalization, unveiled Evergage Recommend, an integrated recommendation system that is a native part of a full testing, targeting, and personalization solution. This new offering builds on the foundational real-time personalization capabilities of the Evergage Platform, incorporating dynamic suggestions of pertinent products or pieces of content that will resonate with individual visitors. Leveraging behavioral analytics and insights, Evergage Recommend delivers these suggestions based on visitors' expressed or implied preferences, as well as the aggregated browsing and past purchase behaviors of other visitors. This enables marketers to more completely act upon customer intent and respond with the most relevant recommendations, improving customer experiences, and increasing conversions.

Evergage Recommend says it gives marketers greater flexibility and control with the ability to utilize pre-built algorithms, build their own from scratch, or customize pre-built formulas by defining various parameters. Once created, recommendations can be deployed anywhere within a website by a marketer, not just placed in fixed positions.