Evergage Launches Evergage for Email

May 24, 2016

Evergage, the real-time personalization platform company, announced the general availability of its newest solution, Evergage for Email. The offering extends the company's real-time personalization capabilities to email, empowering marketers to deliver relevant, one-to-one experiences to customers wherever they engage with a brand.

Complementing the capabilities of a company's existing email marketing solution and without any technical integration required, Evergage for Email enables personalization beyond the subject line and body copy. With a unified profile of each customer's digital behavior and other attributes stored in the Evergage platform, Evergage for Email can apply personalization logic and algorithms to dynamically insert individualized content, messages, and recommendations within an email message. This can include product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, relevant content, targeted cross-sell messages, recommended repurchases, and loyalty and discount offers, to name a few.

An online retailer, for example, often has customers browsing products but leaving the website before making a purchase. In a follow-up email campaign to recent site visitors, a marketer could set up Evergage for Email to dynamically insert a "recommended products" call-out area into the email body that showcases items in the shopper's preferred category and that were purchased most frequently by similar shoppers. Alternatively, a B2B company could use Evergage for Email to present a visual message in an email newsletter that promotes the most relevant eBook the recipient has not yet downloaded.