Evergage Introduces SmartSearch and SmartSort

Mar 17, 2016

Evergage, a real-time personalization platform company, announced the availability of Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort to help improve the customer experience, aid in product and content discovery, and promote the most relevant results for each individual visitor in real time.

Marketers can begin using the new search and sort capabilities immediately. They are now offered as standard features of Evergage Recommend, and let marketers use their existing algorithms/personalization "recipes" set up in Evergage Recommend or create new ones to enrich the existing website experience for visitors.

Evergage SmartSearch - When visitors begin typing a term into a website's existing search bar, auto-suggested product images and details will appear. The products shown can be based on current session interests, past purchases, brand affinities, price range preferences, and more. For example, a shopper with a known affinity for dresses and a price point under $100 will see items that match those criteria more prominently displayed and suggested in a drop-down bar.

Evergage SmartSort - After searching for an item or going to a category page or listing, visitors will see products or articles organized and prioritized by relevance according to their individual preferences and intent. For instance, a shopper looking for gardening products will see items related to past purchases, their geography, and within their preferred price range featured first. However, visitors will still also have the option to sort in ways the site natively supports, such as by price, size, style, or other variables.

With both Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort, marketers can build, deploy and test different recipes against one another to ensure performance optimization. The solutions also offer complete attribution reporting, enabling marketers to measure true click-to-purchase conversion value.