Evergage Guardian Tracks Businesses with Automated Monitoring

Nov 18, 2016

Evergage, a real-time personalization platform company, unveiled Evergage Guardian, a solution that utilizes advanced machine learning technology to provide marketers with up-to-the-minute data, performance visualizations, and proactive suggestions for improving digital interactions with customers across websites and mobile apps. Available at no additional cost to all customers, Evergage Guardian reviews thousands of metrics to uncover insights and surface optimization opportunities in real time, as well as potential issues, ensuring marketers maximize the benefits of their digital marketing campaigns – personalization, email, advertising, social, etc. 

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Evergage Guardian gives individual marketers the data analytics manpower of an entire data science team. Strengthening marketers’ insight into website, email, and app performance; their campaigns; potential hiccups; and opportunities for improvement, Evergage Guardian provides:

  • Business Activity and Goal Monitoring
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Problem Identification
  • Automated Prioritization by Business Impact and Role