EverEZ Systems Launches EverDesk

Mar 25, 2003

EverEZ Systems has launched EverDesk, a program designed to integrate email and file management into one "Activity Based" interface, providing filing, sorting, and searching for all files on a user's computer. The patent pending EverDesk simplifies everyday computer activity by making it possible to work with emails, contacts, Web links, videos, programs and other types of files together in one interface, without having to wait for an entirely new operating system. EverDesk promotes all email messages to full status of individual documents, thus gaining the flexibility and advantages of files stored inside the standard Windows folder structure, without losing access to email history and functionality. In addition, EverDesk users can add and save email attachments with greater speed and efficiency. In EverDesk, email addresses of friends, family, and co-workers are more easily accessible and transferable, while pop-up previews and EverDesk's "Quickboard" provide access to contact information, programs, and Web links with a single mouse click. EverDesk's integration of email and file management makes it an "Activity Based" interface, where all tasks--sending and filing of emails, documents, Web pages, and contacts related to a particular activity--are initiated from the selected activity folder. PC users are able to download and use the EverDesk system free for a two-month trial period. The product can then be used for just $5.95 per month or $60 per year.