Even Financial Creates Marketplace, New Pricing Model to Increase Performance of In-App Advertising

Jul 11, 2017

Even Financial, a supply-side API and platform for online consumer financial products and services, announced the launch of its Real Time Pricing (RTP) Programmatic Marketplace. Leveraging Even Financial’s proprietary data, machine learning, and predictive algorithms, the RTP technology creates a marketplace with a new pricing model for in-app, online advertising, and performance marketing, specifically by financial services institutions and affiliates.

RTP features are designed to enhance the user experience, monetization strategy and transparency of the online financial services advertising market. Using Even Financial’s RTP plug-in, publishers and mobile app developers can seamlessly run native, personalized financial services offers from multiple categories including lending, mortgages, credit-cards and other banking products. Central to the RTP technology is a new pricing model that offers a unique, consumer-specific payout event for each offer based on the offer and the consumer’s intent. This model is not based on traditional cost per click (CPC), but rather on predictability.