European DAM Specialist Partners with American Firm

May 25, 2004


Algoba Systems, European specialist in digital asset management (DAM), has announced the addition of Celsius Design Group of Washington DC to the European company's international Orphea Studio distribution network. Celsius DG joins eRoket of Los Angeles CA in providing the Orphea Studio DAM solution to North America.

The new distributor brings experience in art direction, software development, and ecommerce to the American network. The new partnership combines a European DAM solution--available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Arabic--with an American design group specializing in brand-equity development and the customization of software. Orphea Studio, which is already used by government agencies in Europe, including the Council of Europe, the French Senate, and the French Justice Ministry, will respond to the needs of the international organizations on the East Coast.

Orphea Studio is a solution for the management and cataloguing of multimedia documents. It is based on Oracle technologies in a client-server and Web environment. The multimedia data managed are principally photos, videos, sounds, and Adobe PDF documents. A preview image is generated for photos, PDF documents, and videos. Celsius is a multicultural design boutique offering its expertise for the development of high impact designs and a multitude of technical services.

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