Eurofins Digital Testing Bolsters DPP “Committed to Security” Assessments with Suite of Cybersecurity Services

Oct 15, 2019

Ahead of the DPP Securing Creativity event, Eurofins Digital Testing, a global leader in end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services, announced its Cybersecurity Division will offer media companies a suite of supplemental cybersecurity services to further bolster the DPP’s Committed to Security program. Specifically, Eurofins’ CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition provides a suite of customizable services designed to increase cybersecurity robustness across the media marketplace, by protecting the people, processes, and technologies therein.

The CyberSecurity Framework complements Eurofins’ existing work as an established leader providing security-related services to the media and entertainment industry. Notably, for the DPP’s Committed to Security program, Eurofins assesses and validates the checklists submitted by suppliers to ensure compliance with the DPP-defined security best practices, in order to receive the official DPP Committed to Security Mark. Bolstering the program with its CyberSecurity Framework, Eurofins is now offering companies who have achieved or are in the process of certification for the mark the ability to take their security to the next level.


CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition


Today’s media and entertainment companies face numerous security threats. These span their internal enterprise software applications and hardware, physical office locations, service delivery infrastructure, content protection methods, billing systems, customer-facing applications, customer premises equipment (CPE), and consumer devices. 

Based on learnings from its Committed to Security appraisals and results gathered across a wide range of DPP member and external companies, Eurofins developed the CyberSecurity Framework to provide a customizable set of tools to test the effectiveness of the cybersecurity in-force, and where necessary, take remedial action to reinforce existing cybersecurity structures.

Specifically, the CyberSecurity Framework contains an extensive range of services, including:

  • Threat analysis;
  • OTT platform penetration testing (infrastructure, apps, and device-based);
  • Compliance audits;
  • Security monitoring;
  • Security testing for TV software;
  • Comprehensive e-learning courses to upskill staff members; and more.

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