EuclidIQ Receives New Patent for Video Encoding of Complex Video Sources

Apr 11, 2017

EuclidIQ, a provider of video compression products, announced it has been granted a new U.S. patent bringing its patent pool over 40, with additional patents pending in the U.S. and internationally. Focusing on high-motion source video typically difficult to encode, patent 9,621,917, titled “Continuous Block Tracking for Temporal Prediction in Video Encoding,” describes a method for improving motion estimation, one of the fundamental components of all video encoders.

The algorithms in this patent are part of EuclidIQ's continuing effort to improve H.264 encoding for videos that are typically difficult to encode, such as high-motion and high-complexity videos. By reducing visual artifacts in these difficult videos, EuclidIQ video encoding produces a better overall viewing experience. The primary goal is to enable users to stream video at lower bitrates while maintaining quality, or to improve quality at the same bitrates relative to standard encoders.