Equilibrium Releases New MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 5

Mar 26, 2015

Equilibrium, an enterprise content management and automatic mobile media delivery platform, announced the general availability of MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 5, turning SharePoint into a visual management platform. At its heart is the integration of the newly released MediaRich engine, featuring AV Core 2. The new 64-bit architecture delivers faster ingestion and increased file-format support, including professional broadcast video formats-even UHD and large files.

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint automatically creates the necessary files from any original video for instant inline HTML5 browser and mobile device playback. Also provided is full-size video viewing without any third-party plug-ins to view video content from any device.

The new UniZoom AEC dynamically updates access to your PDFs with relative linking (supports Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam files) without having to physically download the files. This feature offers quick viewing of PDFs across multiple devices, with read-only capability over as little as a 4G network, including even large 300-plus MB files.