Epok Releases Epok Edition for SharePoint

Oct 24, 2008


Epok Inc., a provider of SharePoint access control software, announced the release of its Epok Edition for SharePoint version 2.4. This latest edition of Epok's access control software for Microsoft SharePoint is specifically designed to integrate with Sharepoint. By leveraging existing identity management solutions and integrating non-disclosure, privacy, and other agreements and policies, Epok Edition for Microsoft SharePoint 2.4 distributes permissions control across designated business team leaders. Epok provides security for cross-organizational environments from an access-control perspective by linking authorized user IDs to the organization, to the team and to the group within the context of non-disclosure, privacy, and other agreements and policies. For additional security, Epok can be configured to require users to view and/or acknowledge adherence to the NDA or other contracts or policies in force, and can even require them to enter the purpose for accessing sites and documents on the SharePoint server.