Epic Playground Launches MediaGauge to Select Beta Customers

Jan 25, 2013


Epic Playground has launched MediaGauge, a real-time media insight delivery tool that allows site owners to send customized in-browser messages with specific targeted offers, invitations, surveys, or branding communications during media playback. MediaGauge is currently available on Epic Playground's website. Additionally, a limited number of companies are now being accepted for a special pilot program, which will roll out at SXSW 2013 in March.

Messages--including offers, invitations, or simple branding messages--can be customized for individual viewers. For example, an e-commerce site could send a coupon to all viewers of their videos, or a realtor could send targeted messages to viewers of a video showcasing a home for sale--one version for local viewers, and another for viewers from other cities.

By embedding the code in any website, MediaGauge can provide analytics about the health and status of all a user's media. Once installed, content creators can see exactly when and how their content is being consumed, and identify the geographic location of viewers and message them in real-time directly in their browser window. MediaGauge also works with mobile applications on both the iOS and Android platforms.