Ephox Introduces Editlive! For Java 2.0 for Web Content Authoring

Dec 17, 2002

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Ephox, a maker of enterprise-wide content authoring solutions, has announced the general availability of EditLive! for Java 2.0, the next generation of its Web-based content authoring application. EditLive! for Java 2.0 adds features such as support for XML, support for the Web-based distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV) protocol, and compliance with Section 508. This new release further emphasises Ephox's focus on developing multi-platform content authoring solutions that support large-scale Web content management, knowledge management, and eLearning applications. To ensure information consistency across applications in this distributed environment, EditLive! ties into leading content management and CRM solutions such as Vignette,  FileNET, Stellent, and KANA. New features of EditLive! for Java 2.0 include: XML Support--XML tags can be inserted into XHTML-compliant content, which enables content to be transformed using different templates for different scenarios or client devices (e.g. wireless); WebDAV interface--users can now browse WebDAV-compliant repositories such as Stellent, Microsoft IIS, Apache and Oracle.; Extensibilit--custom toolbar or menu options can be added and macros programmed in JavaScript; Multilingual support--EditLive! for Java 2.0 now supports over 100 different character sets; Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Czech, and Korean versions of the application are now also available; and Accessibility--The EditLive! For Java 2.0 user interface has been updated for Section 508 compliance so that it meets the US government procurement requirements.

EditLive!'s server-based architecture enables administrators to control exactly how content updates occur, even as the application scales to thousands of users. A multi-platform solution, EditLive! supports both desktop (Windows) and enterprise environments (Java) in Internet Explorer and Netscape. EditLive! for Java 2.0 is now available.  The pricing of EditLive! For Java 2.0 starts at $35 per user or $5,000 per CPU. An evaluation kit and online demos are available Ephox's site.