Envox Worldwide Launches Envox VoiceXML Studio 7

Aug 28, 2007

Envox Worldwide, a global provider of IP-based voice solutions, announced the availability of Envox VoiceXML Studio 7, the latest version of VoiceXML development environment. Envox VoiceXML Studio 7 accelerates the creation of VoiceXML-based voice solutions by 50% or more. It is also tightly integrated with the Envox Communications Development Platform, providing developers with a comprehensive VoiceXML offering.

Envox VoiceXML Studio 7 is compliant with the VoiceXML standard, which creates standards-based voice solutions. With pre-built components for voice user interface management, call control, application logic, and database integration, as well as a VoiceXML debugger, Envox VoiceXML Studio reduces development, testing and deployment time. In addition, Envox VoiceXML Studio generates the VoiceXML code that is required for high-performance voice solutions.