EntropySoft Releases IBM Content Manager Connector

Dec 19, 2008

EntropySoft, provider of ECI (Enterprise Content Integration) and unstructured data integration, announced the addition of an IBM Content Manager connector to its portfolio. EntropySoft’s IBM Content Manager connector enables read and write access to content stored in the IBM Content Manager repository. The IBM Content Manager connector is part of EntropySoft’s connectors’ portfolio, which consists of more than 30 connectors, including HP TRIM, Oracle UCM, IBM WebSphere Portal Document Manager, and Interwoven WorkSite. The plug-and-play EntropySoft connectors list includes applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, FileNET P8, Open Text LiveLink, and Interwoven TeamSite. On top of the read / write connectors, EntropySoft has two technological layers (Content ETL and Content Federation) that can also be OEM’ed to facilitate integration and interoperability. All EntropySoft connectors are written in Java, and are also accessible via .NET and web services.