EntropySoft Announces New Interwoven TeamSite Connector

Jan 18, 2008


EntropySoft, a European provider of the ECI (Enterprise Content Integration) market, specialist in the integration of unstructured data, announced the availability of its Interwoven TeamSite connector. This technology is designed to enable all Interwoven TeamSite repositories to be connected to the EntropySoft engine in a few clicks. As soon as they are connected, the solution Content ETL can manage content migrations between TeamSite and all other applications. EntropySoft uses bi-directional connectors as foundations of its strategy of content interoperability. These connectors implement the main features of all the connected applications. EntropySoft delivers a catalog of bi-directional connectors. On top of these connectors, EntropySoft delivers two solutions.

EntropySoft Content ETL extracts, transforms, and loads content between numerous content repositories. This solution is used for Records Management projects to connect and organize transfers of records from all applications into the ERMS solution, either for publishing content or for complex migrations. EntropySoft Content Federation is based on EntropySoft presentation platform. This platform consolidates all content repositories and delivers federated user interfaces through different technologies. Content Federation accelerates integration of contents with business applications and offers users a vertical point of access.