Entriq to Offer Integrated Multimedia Advertising and Content Serving Platform

Feb 14, 2006

Entriq, a company that can help content providers realize new revenue streams from their multimedia content, has announced that it will launch an integrated advertising and content serving platform. With this new offering, content companies will be able to provide both ad supported and pay-media to consumers using a single technology platform. The new integrated platform will work across all digital channels: Broadband, mobile, and IPTV.

Core features of Entriq's solution include: cross-platform capability that allows companies to sell content across a host of channels: Broadband, wireless, and IPTV/Microsoft Media Center Edition (MCE); Access control and protection of content with digital rights management policies for all types of media on any device; a complete authentication, billing, and customer care infrastructure; and an interface with a drag-and-drop capability.

Entriq's new Ad Delivery Service (ADS) provides an interface that allows for drag-and-drop organization of video files with a single set of business rules to manage, protect, and deliver pay- and ad-based content from one location. The platform offers multiple advertising options including pre-roll video ads, in-page video ads, and stand-alone rich media Flash ads in conjunction with geographic targeting and real-time reporting. This technology is integrated into Entriq's existing content protection service with digital rights management and access control.