Entopia Ships New Release Of Entopia Quantum

Jan 31, 2003

Entopia, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Entopia Quantum version 1.5.  This new release of Entopia's bottom-up knowledge management solution adds broader functionality to Entopia's semantic search engine, the Entopia Knowledge Locator.  These enhancements include visual Knowledge Mapping and Query Management tools.  In addition, further workflow integration was added to Quantum's shared workspace and collaboration environment.

Entopia Quantum version 1.5 features four main enhancements, including:

* Entopia K-Map (or Knowledge Map)

Quantum 1.5's enhanced "Capitalize" module includes the ability to summarize a collection of documents into a visual representation called a K-Map.  It allows knowledge workers to select a folder, or the results of a search query, and display a graphical, semantic network representation of the relationships between concepts contained in the selected documents.  The user can easily and quickly refine his or her search using K-Map by clicking on any of the key concepts.  This "cartography" or "visual representation of knowledge" is created using an intelligent semantic network representation and provides the user with an interactive interface to quickly understand, navigate and find relevant information within the Entopia Quantum repository.  

* Improved Entopia Knowledge Locator

Entopia Quantum 1.5's enhanced "Capitalize" module provides advanced Query History and Query Management.  The Query Management's easy-to-use functionality allows users to refine (search within), modify and update stored queries because queries are automatically stored with their associated result sets.  For example, the user could create a query titled "knowledge management" with specific search filters.  This would allow the user to easily execute the query and sub-queries on a recurring basis in order to see what is new on this topic. Entopia Quantum 1.5 also includes improved user-interface features such as a "tabbed" layout to make it easier for users to toggle between the shared workspace capabilities of Entopia Quantum and its integrated search engine, the Knowledge Locator.

* Workflow Integration

Entopia Quantum 1.5 incorporates a new workflow module to facilitate integration with the end-user's daily workflow and project management.  The module features a project wizard, project templates, project workspace management, task assignment and task tracking.  

* Reporting Tool

For administrators, Entopia Quantum 1.5 offers a reporting tool that delivers accurate user statistics and usage reports to effectively monitor collaborative user activity and measure the effectiveness of your bottom-up knowledge management solution.  Standard reports include system and document activity such as number of documents created and number of times a document is read.  Reports are customizable and data can be exported to existing enterprise reporting tools.