Entopia Introduces Enterprise Social Networks Analysis For K-Bus

Oct 21, 2003


Entopia, Inc., a provider of information solutions, has unveiled Entopia Enterprise Social Networks Analysis, a diagnostic tool that is designed to enable managers to optimize information flow. By combining Entopia's dynamic expertise location with its visualization techniques, Entopia's latest application identifies the social networks within the enterprise related to a specific topic. These "people maps" illustrate the subject matter experts, information bottlenecks and disconnected communities with an enterprise. Entopia Social Networks Analysis is built upon Entopia K-Bus, its enterprise knowledge infrastructure technology.  

Entopia Enterprise Social Network Analysis does not require manual effort on the part of the user and does not depend on people's static expertise, but on their dynamic expertise. Unlike most social networking applications that only take into account what users read, Entopia Enterprise Social Network Analysis analyzes what people spend their time working on in an effort to create a more accurate model of social networks. All actions such as authoring, checking-in/out, versioning, reading, annotating, and commenting on the content residing in enterprise repositories are taken into account for the analysis. The results are displayed as a map showing community leaders, subject matter experts, peers, and sets of linked and disjointed communities. Maps can be viewed over time to provide continuous change feedback to managers as they fine-tune the social network of their project teams and workforce.  

Entopia's Enterprise Social Networks Analysis is enabled by the Entopia K-Bus Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructure. Entopia K-Bus, built on a J2EE architecture, creates a metadata database that spans and can connect to all content repositories in the enterprise. Entopia Enterprise Social Networks Analysis software is currently in beta testing.