Entertainment Firms Create Movie And TV Content Registry

Oct 28, 2010

An international coalition, led by MovieLabs, CableLabs, Comcast, and Rovi Corporation, is launching the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), a non-profit global independent registry that provides a uniform approach to cataloging movies, television shows, and other commercial audio/video assets with unique IDs. The group is also supported by Deluxe, Universal Pictures, Neustar, Paramount Pictures, Sonic Solutions, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and a host of other major entertainment companies. The registry is set up as an industry resource to help streamline digital commerce and simplify consumer transactions.

Members of EIDR will have open access to the registry and/or be able to supply their content to the registry for identification. For content distributors, access to unique IDs will help eliminate confusion between assets with the same name, or different cuts of the same video, helping to ensure that the right products are being distributed to the consumer. Content producers will also be able to register all of their assets to help simplify the post-production process.

The IDs within EIDR will function similarly to UPC codes that are used to identify physical packaged goods and the ISBN code for books. The registry will catalog and assign a single, unique unit of identification to movies and TV assets and can be used for both physical and digital video media that are part of the movie and television supply chain.

The registry is expected to be available to members in early 2011.