Enhanced Linguamatics NLP Text Mining Platform Offers New Power

Dec 01, 2016

Text analytics provider Linguamatics released the latest version of their award-winning natural language processing (NLP) text mining platform, I2E 5.0. New capabilities in I2E 5.0 include normalization of concepts (e.g. dates, measurements, gene mutations) within unstructured text, advanced range search, and a new query language EASL. These capabilities tackle the variety in big data, and accelerate insights from unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources.

Normalization and range search helps users find key information (e.g. a particular temperature or a range of temperatures) in unstructured text sources regardless of how the information is expressed, and boosts ETL operations by identifying, extracting, and standardizing data. Given that around 80-90% of big data is unstructured, these new text mining capabilities allow huge amounts of data to be processed that previously had to be read manually.

The I2E 5.0 release also includes a new query language, EASL (Extraction And Search Language), that allows text mining queries to be described and written in a human-readable text format. EASL can be generated from outside of the I2E platform, supporting custom interfaces, and enhanced workflow automation.