Engage Suite of DNN Modules Now Open Source

Mar 04, 2014


Engage, developers of web and mobile solutions for enterprises, announced that it has open-sourced its suite of DNN modules. All Engage modules are now available for free to the DNN community, licensed under the MIT open-source license.

Since releasing its first commercial model, Engage: Publish, in 2008, Engage has committed nearly 7,000 man hours to developing and supporting DNN modules that meet clients' business needs. Because Engage's client workload continues to grow, it has opted to shift its focus away from module creation and support to concentrate solely on delivering custom web and mobile solutions to its customers.

Engage will continue to serve as stewards of its modules ensuring their integrity and making periodic updates. Contributions from the community are welcome. Source code and module install packages are available on GitHub, while the forums on EngageModules.com are still available as a community-supported resource.