Endeca to Power Customer Search at KBtoys.com

Sep 09, 2003

Endeca, a provider of Guided Navigation and advanced search solutions, has announced that KBtoys.com has chosen Endeca InFront to enhance the search and navigation capabilities of its two toy sites, KBtoys.com and eToys. With Endeca InFront, KBtoys.com intends to provide its customers with a more precise search feature. Endeca technology also allows the e-tailer to present special products and offers directly related to the customer's search. Endeca InFront will provide KBtoys.com the capability to merchandise related items based on navigation paths selected by the customer. Customers will be presented with promotional items relevant to their search, and the option to further refine their searches to discover sometimes overlooked products.

(http://www.endeca.com), (http://www.etoys.com), (http://www.kbtoys.com)