Endeca and Oculus Announce Partnership

Jul 15, 2005

Endeca and Oculus Info Inc. have announced a new technology partnership intended to bolster Endeca's search, navigation, and analysis products with Oculus' information visualization capabilities.

Starting with Endeca Latitude, Oculus provides information visualization designed to help users analyze and drill into customer, market, sales, and other aggregate and transactional data. Endeca Latitude is designed to give users the ability to explore, drill into and analyze information from multiple data and content silos using all of the attributes and dimensions of the data. Oculus' visualization capabilities allow large amounts of complex information to be conveyed in an intuitive manner--rather than getting lost in successive levels of drill-down, visualization is designed to reveal areas of sparse data and dense data, thereby assisting users to find information. Visualizations built by Oculus can leverage Endeca Latitude's capabilities, including Guided Navigation and direct transaction-level data access- -and offer new ways to expose and help find anomalies and patterns of interest.

Endeca has also announced the appointment of Dan Demmer as its new CFO. Prior to Endeca, Demmer served as CFO, IONA Technologies since May 2000. Demmer will report to Endeca president and CEO, Jim Baum.

(www.endeca.com; www.oculusinfo.com)