Endeca Technologies Releases Endeca Latitude

Oct 05, 2010

Endeca Technologies announced Endeca Latitude, a business intelligence (BI) product that combines simple search with BI functionality to aid decision-making in enterprise organizations. Endeca Latitude serves as a central platform through which a variety of BI applications dealing with dynamic data can be deployed, with the Endeca Latitude platform facilitating a user-friendly experience. Endeca Latitude is powered the MDEX Engine, a hybrid search-analytical database constructed to bring together information required to make a particular business decision, regardless of format or source.

The British Transport Police, the force responsible for policing Britain's railways, has selected an application developed with Endeca Latitude to enhance its transit intelligence and reporting-Endeca for Force Intellgence. Endeca reports that the British Transport Police, in conjunction with Capgemini, a provider of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services, plans to use the application in order to help streamline their operations, surveillance, and research systems.

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(www.endeca.com; www.btp.police.uk)