Endeca Launches ProFind and Brings Guided to the Enterprise

Oct 11, 2002

Endeca has announced the immediate availability of its enterprise search solution, Endeca ProFind. Built on the Endeca Navigation Engine, Endeca ProFind enables users to navigate through enterprise data to find the document or piece of information they need quickly and efficiently. Endeca ProFind is intended to empower users with the tools they need to find relevant data and discover information they may not have realized existed.  Endeca ProFind is designed to: enable rapid updates, be highly scalable, offer design flexibility, run on a low-cost infrastructure, bridge structured and unstructured data, and offer the ability to redefine searches at anytime during the navigation process. Endeca solutions help businesses across a variety of sectors like retail, financial services, and B2B with applications that address the information overload problems associated with content and catalog management as well as enterprise information access and retrieval.