Endeca Joins PTC PartnerAdvantage Program

Jun 03, 2010

Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications company, announced that it has joined the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program to provide a direct integration between PTC Windchill and the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP).

With Endeca, PTC Windchill customers will be able to leverage the broad information visibility provided by Endeca Search Applications to support the many daily decisions required as part of their workflows. Endeca's manufacturing solutions are built on an architecture that simplifies the integration of data from numerous source systems into a single unified index, regardless of format, structure, and underlying data models.

Powered by Endeca's MDEX Engine technology, it enables the navigation, aggregation, querying, and analysis of data from PLM, ERP, Spend Management, supplier relationship management product catalogs, and other business critical data systems. Endeca's solutions are already in use by such leading global manufacturers as Harris Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Raytheon, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Whirlpool Corporation.

(www.endeca.com, www.ptc.com)