Endeca Introduces Version 3.5 of Guided Navigation Platform

Apr 25, 2003

Endeca, provider of Guided Navigation and search solutions, has announced Version 3.5 of the Endeca Navigation Engine, its patent-pending technology platform supporting Endeca ProFind and Endeca InFront solutions. Now, enterprise customers using Endeca ProFind can search, navigate, and access data across more than 225 file formats. New security features allow users to set up access control lists while consumers, using Endeca InFront, will be able to access personalized Custom Catalogs and use new geospatial functionality, integrated with Guided Navigation, to locate relevant information more quickly. Version 3.5 includes two important enhancements: Content Integration-- includes converters for over 225 file formats, including word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, and graphics files; Access Control Lists--when combined with ProFind's existing content security and authentication integration, Access Control Lists ensure enterprise security is respected when searching and navigating content, and customizes Guided Navigation options based on the permissions of each user. With Version 3.5, Endeca InFront now offers: B2B Custom Catalogs that enable customers to search and navigate on personalized views of a large B2B catalog tailored to their preferred vendors and products and Geospatial Search that expands B2C catalog search and navigation functionality to allow customers to navigate content based on location and proximity. For example, customers can allow users to search for hotels within a certain distance of a city or zip code. Administration and management of Endeca-based applications has been enhanced through improvements to the Endeca Studio and an updated Endeca Reporting module including easier set-up and management and improved reporting capabilities. The Endeca Navigation Engine platform has also been enhanced with Version 3.5 to include external taxonomy integration, additional operating system support, more API support, and new foreign language support