Endeca Announces New Search and Analysis Solutions

Aug 12, 2005

Endeca, a provider of Guided Navigation, Search, and Analysis solutions, has announced the availability of new Government Search and Analysis Solutions. Built on Endeca's search and Guided Navigation platform, the solutions are designed to help government agencies deploy retrieval capabilities for public-facing Web sites and internal information management applications. All of the new solutions feature Endeca's patent-pending Guided Navigation technology, which combines the two most common approaches to finding information--search and browse--into one capability.

These solutions are designed to give intelligence and law enforcement agencies discovery capabilities into both their structured and unstructured intelligence repositories--allowing intelligence and law enforcement analysts to find and analyze critical information buried in vast repositories of records, documents, email messages and virtually any other source. Endeca's integrated search and navigation technology and advanced features (spell suggestion/correction, thesaurus entries and management, phrase recognition, stemming, wild card searching, etc.) are intended to allow users to find what they are looking for more easily.

These solutions can index and integrate content from over 300 different file types (located on file servers, intranets, email, databases, etc.), regardless of structure or source, and come equipped with content adapters to simplify and speed deployment. Its interface gives users familiar search and navigation capabilities, while introducing advanced discovery capabilities without the need for explanation and demonstration. Content Spotlighting capabilities gives site administrators and non-technical staff the ability to promote contextually relevant content next to search results and other page content (e.g. timely crisis information and instructions, tax return forms, immigration documents, applications, etc.) based on search query, browse path, user profile and location, time of year, or date.