Endeca Announces Endeca Extend Partner Program

Jun 09, 2009

Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications company, announced the Endeca Extend partner program which helps its customers integrate eCommerce and Media technologies directly into Endeca-powered sites. Partners build cartridges which plug into the user experience using Page Builder, a component of the Endeca Commerce Suite and the Endeca Publishing Suite. Endeca Extend allows retailers and distributors to create site search, navigation, and merchandising. Endeca Partners create cartridges which site owners plug into their sites using Page Builder. Site owners can use data from site analytics packages, user reviews, user profiles, and any other source to drive more page views and click-throughs. Endeca Extend leverages the recently announced McKinley release of the Endeca Information Access Platform, an enterprise search innovation based on a new architecture for building standards-based search applications. This program builds on this framework of integration and extensibility which allows for development of new search applications and cartridges.