Endeavor Launches LinkFinderPlus 3.0 Advanced Linking System for Libraries

Dec 03, 2002

Endeavor Information Systems has released enhanced software for libraries to extend their electronic database collections with the latest commercial release for LinkFinderPlus. Endeavor's advanced linking system bridges the gap between citations and the online full-text of articles, in an effort to provide maximum usage of the library's electronic journal subscriptions. Library staff will find increased productivity in making resources available for researchers. LinkFinderPlus 3.0 includes batch activation of the LinkFinderPlus Knowledge Base and batch maintenance of the Knowledge Base post-implementation. Delivered with over 13,000 targets to link to full-text and abstracts for citations, the LinkFinderPlus Knowledge Base is designed for minimal staff maintenance once the library activates their local subscriptions. Additionally, LinkFinderPlus 3.0 allows libraries to enable immediate access to electronic journals as they become available with a local option to add journal sites. Libraries can now customize the LinkFinderPlus 3.0 display to match the libraries' local look and feel; ensuring researchers find a smooth transition to full-text of articles. Interoperability with CrossRef, a not-for-profit network founded on publisher collaboration is now available. This makes reference linking efficient and reliable, and enables LinkFinderPlus users to link with CrossRef for the resolution of DOIs sent using the OpenURL proposed standard. This allows the LinkFinderPlus software to consider the local library's subscriptions and preferences before generating links to full text.

(http://www.crossref.org), (http://www.endinfosys.com)