Endeavor Information Systems Selects Platform

Apr 28, 2006

Endeavor Information Systems, one of the global providers of integrated library management systems, chose its eleventh annual Users Group Meeting, EndUser 2006, as the platform for presenting the company's vision for the future of library software, the Hybrid Library System.

The Hybrid Library System leverages existing elements of Endeavor's suite of products that manage both physical and electronic resources at different types of institutions, including national, academic and research, public, corporate, museum, and specialty libraries. It builds on Endeavor's foundation layer of technology, which includes: Voyager--a flagship integrated library management system; Meridian--a centralized, electronic resource management system; Curator--a system for searching, creating, and managing digital resources; and Journals Onsite--an enterprise-level system enabling libraries to locally store, search, and browse electronic journals.

It is also based on the company's recently announced Discovery suite of utility products that enable users to retrieve, view, and access relevant information from library resources. However, the Hybrid Library System introduces newer technology elements that will provide richer functionality to library staff and patrons. Highlights of the vision include: a consistent user interface across all of Endeavor's repositories; enhanced distributed search capabilities; advances in data exchange/workflow; and encapsulating Endeavor products and repositories in Web services.

(www.endinfosys.com; www.elsevier.com)