Endeavor Announces Usability Initiative; CISTI Beta Tests Encompass For Journals Onsite

Jan 18, 2005

Endeavor Information Systems has announced a new usability initiative and has reported a successful initial beta test of the first release of its ENCompass for Journals OnSite (EJOS) by The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information.

Endeavor's new usability initiative embraces user-focused interface design and usability testing as integral components of Endeavor's advanced technology library systems. Endeavor's usability initiative is a multi-faceted approach to addressing the needs of staff and patron end users who demand clear and simple vehicles for information access. With user-focused interfaces, end users experience higher degrees of success and satisfaction with library systems. The Endeavor Usability Initiative approaches software development with the end user in mind, to an extent that actual end users are involved in the development process of Endeavor software interfaces. User-focused testing has driven the interface design for ENCompass for Journals OnSite, Endeavor's system for searching and browsing journal content from multiple publishers in one location; the redesign of ENCompass for Resource Access, Endeavor's tool for federated searching; and ground-up development of the Meridian system for efficient, effective management of electronic resources. Endeavor is currently distributing a free guide to usability testing.

Endeavor has also reported a successful initial beta test of the first release of its ENCompass for Journals OnSite (EJOS). The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) tested the advanced EJOS system, which is designed to manage, search, and link locally hosted journal collections. A resource management tool, EJOS is replacing the ScienceServer platform currently in place at libraries worldwide.

EJOS provides local control of licensed journal content, enabling large research institutions or consortia to create a permanent repository of electronic journal content. The EJOS architecture, based on the ENCompass technology, enables libraries to load journal content from almost any commercial publisher in the world. The initial CISTI EJOS implementation includes content from six publishers: Elsevier, Kluwer, Karger, IOS Press, Springer and NRC Research Press. Additionally, locally produced content can be included in EJOS repositories. Created with input from the Elsevier User Centered Design group the new EJOS interface is designed to offer a clear end-user experience, through options to search content from all licensed publishers, or browse through content from the journal title, author, category, or article levels.
(http://cisti.nrc.gc.ca; www.endinfosys.com)