Endeavor Announces General Release of Endeavor Meridian

Jun 03, 2005


Endeavor Information Systems, a provider of library management software, has announced the first general release of Endeavor Meridian, an electronic resource management system. Endeavor Meridian reduces the staff effort traditionally required to manage, deliver and analyze econtent while providing improved service to patrons.

During the month leading up to today's release, comprehensive field tests were conducted at two development partner sites, validating that Endeavor Meridian:

  • Enables library's to more effectively manage their growing electronic resources by supporting the complex relationships between resources, packages through which they are acquired, and the licenses that govern their use.
  • Provides staff throughout the library with easy access to the information they need in order to manage their electronic resources, from initial trial evaluations through selection, license negotiation and access management.
  • Dynamically integrates with Endeavor's Voyager ILS to present bibliographic, holdings and acquisitions data often critical to e-resource management.
  • Improves a library's ability to support of a wide range of patron activities and needs, while giving enabling staff greater control over electronic resources which boosts their productivity and efficiency.