Endeavor Announces Development of Voyager InterCirc

Jul 02, 2004

Endeavor Information Systems has announced the development of Voyager InterCirc, a new system to provide circulation interaction between the Voyager integrated library management system and disparate consortia borrowing services from non-Endeavor providers. Voyager InterCirc is a technology for libraries to provide inter-system circulation services in the union catalog environment.

Voyager InterCirc provides opportunities for Voyager libraries that join state or province-wide union catalogs and consortium-wide borrowing and lending projects that use non-Endeavor consortium resource sharing systems. With Voyager InterCirc, Voyager libraries can choose the partnerships and solutions that best meet the needs of their end users. Voyager InterCirc is a testament to the open architecture of Voyager and Endeavor's commitment to meeting the needs of library end users.

Voyager InterCirc uses, but is not limited to, standard protocols. When applicable, Voyager InterCirc incorporates Endeavor's work with the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Circulation Interchange Protocol (CIP), commonly called the NCIP standard. In other cases where consortium borrowing systems are not NCIP-compliant, Endeavor is developing Voyager InterCirc to communicate with proprietary practices to deliver end-user benefits.