Endeavor Announces Course Content Integrator; Partners with Luna Imaging

Jun 24, 2003

Endeavor Information Systems has announced a new application, the Course Content Integrator, to complement the ENCompass digital library system for managing, searching, and linking collections. Endeavor's Course Content Integrator is available for use with the Blackboard Learning System 6.0 Enterprise Edition and the WebCTT Vista System. The Course Content Integrator is designed with persistent methods of

searching. With this product, Endeavor enables course creators to integrate the libraries' resource into their institution's chosen course management system where instructors and students interact daily. Thus libraries receive increased use of their investment in electronic database content and increased recognition for the role the library plays in the daily education of the student. Institutions have a way to further leverage their investment in course management systems. Endeavor's Course Content Integrator will be available soon.

Endeavor has also announced an exclusive partnership with Luna Imaging, Inc. The alliance, announced at the American Library Association/Canadian Library Association Conference in Toronto, is designed to create a content gateway between the ENCompass system for managing, searching, and linking collections and Luna's Insight software for working with high resolution images, data, video, and audio materials. In addition, this allows Endeavor to provide the option for libraries to purchase an integrated version of Insight with their selection of ENCompass. Libraries that choose the federated search of ENCompass to access content can now incorporate Insight for their users. When ENCompass users conduct a search it will return results from information contained in Insight collections together with data from other resources. Users who select Insight-enabled results activate Insight's tools for viewing, comparing, and organizing visual resources for research and classroom use.

(http://www.endinfosys.com), (http://www.lunaimaging.com)