Endeaver Releases Encompass 3.0 For Library Digital Management

Dec 20, 2002


Endeavor Information Systems has announced libraries around the globe are actively implementing ENCompass 3.0, the most recent release of the company's widely accepted digital system. These academic and research libraries are using the fourth available release of Endeavor's digital management, organization, and linking system, a product initially released in March 2001. ENCompass 3.0 includes advances in patron usability, eresource management, digital collection usage, rights management, and local API customization. The ENCompass search interface helps the library ensure use of their collections by organizing electronic and digital resources into logical categories that help the user search appropriate materials. ENCompass 3.0 includes a redesigned end-user search interface for overall improved navigation. The new interface includes personalization features such as personal collections of retained search histories and resources popularly used by an individual user. Personalization in ENCompass 3.0 also includes email alerts to notify users of new citations that match saved search criteria. ENCompass allows the user to simultaneously search relevant resources through different search protocols: Z39.50, XML and HTTP. This latest release of ENCompass features additional XML gateways for structured search and retrieval of qualified information. Endeavor plans to add new XML gateways as they become available. Endeavor supports the Open Archive Initiatives for digital object management and harvesting of metadata from local ENCompass repositories in ENCompass 3.0. The Digital Collections aspect of ENCompass gives libraries a consistent mechanism to establish and search digital and print collections to maximize the library's investment in local digital content. ENCompass 3.0 restricts records based on patron authorization allowing libraries to better control access to licensed resources from within ENCompass and restrict patron groups from particular resources. ENCompass is able to validate patrons with any NCIP-compliant ILS patron authentication system, LDAP patron authentication, or the campus local authentication system.

(http://encompass.endinfosys.com), (http://www.endinfosys.com)