Endavo Unveils Digital Broadcast Network

May 18, 2007

Endavo, a provider of digital media management and distribution solutions, has released its new Digital Broadcast Network and media management ecosystem. For video content owners, Endavo provides a digital marketplace where they can manage, market, and deliver their digital content and services to the masses. For viewers, Endavo offers an interactive and on-demand social landscape where they can view DVD-quality video in a variety of formats and devices.

EnHance, Endavo’s first commercially available video distribution platform, is designed to enable peer-to-peer distribution of on-demand, DVD quality video across the internet. Viewers can watch content uploaded by content owners at their leisure. Owners can also opt to allow users to upload their own content. EnHance can provide a way for artists to connect with their fan base by offering exclusive programming (music, videos, interviews, etc.) directly to fans in various formats. Artists can then build a membership-based web community, which can be used for selling merchandise to users, such as albums, apparel, and concert tickets.