Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Digital

Mar 15, 2012

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. announced that it will no longer print its Britannica encyclopedia set, having "complete[d] the transition from print to digital," editor-in-chief Dale Hoiberg said in a blog post. Hoiberg added that the company will still produce some print products.

With a digital production, Hoiberg said the company can offer expanded coverage and continuous revision and updating. "In a digital encyclopedia it is easy to append useful supporting materials (e.g., sidebars, primary documents of all kinds, and researcher's notes, among others) to any article or, for that matter, to provide collections of materials that relate to a user's research," he said. The online resource will also include multimedia elements, like videos and interactive illustrations.

The digital version of the encyclopedia also offers full-text searching and links to external websites, all of which "have been vetted and deemed trustworthy by editors," Hoiberg said. Readers can directly edit articles and submit them to Britannica's editorial staff, and they can use various contact features on the company's websites to suggest changes to existing articles or propose new content.