‘Empty Software’ Stifling Marketing Innovation and Widening the Technology Adoption Gap

Apr 30, 2019


The latest study from martech specialist Emarsys reveals that businesses and their marketing departments are struggling to switch on the marketing technology they’re acquiring, preventing them from achieving company-wide objectives. In fact, 28% of all software deployed on PCs is unused and “Empty Software” is the culprit accounting for $224 and $266 worth of vacant software sitting on the average desktop in the US and UK respectively.

“Empty software” is where a business purchases marketing technology based on the assumption that it will provide value quickly, but the software itself is not populated with the data or programmes to deliver that value. Equally, it also reveals usability problems, as it becomes clear that practitioners are unable to make the best use of all features and functions, due to the complexity of platforms and a lack of adequate training in how to use them. This experience leads to significant widening the overall technology adoption gap and having a direct impact on the productivity gains marketers should enjoy from their marketing technology platforms.

The study also looks at a new use case for AI in helping accelerate the return on investment offered by smart technology that marketers are struggling to attain. Aside from its role in automating and personalizing communications at scale, AI can also generate the initial data marketers need to get campaigns up and running, but often don’t have. Whether it’s filling up “Empty Software”, or making full use of what’s already in place, AI can deliver the scale and speed human marketing teams can’t.

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