Employees Are Deeply Invested in Content Marketing, Finds New Survey from Trapit

Sep 24, 2015

Trapit published the results of a survey on employee perspectives on content marketing and distribution. The survey revealed that 74.9% of employees identify some type of business benefit to sharing content on social media. Respondents indicated that brand awareness (42.7%), brand credibility (21%), and sales (11.2%) were the primary benefits of their efforts on social media.

Respondents also showed strong preferences for the types of content they would like to share with their social networks. Over half (55%) of respondents indicated that sharing a mixture of third-party and company-created content is best for social media.

While employees were quite clear on content preferences, they were less clear on internal processes and distribution strategies. The majority of employees were encouraged to share content during meetings (56.5%) yet only 28.2% were encouraged to do so using software -- whether it was email, collaboration tools, or marketing platforms.