Emojo Launches Affino NX eBusiness Suite

Dec 05, 2006

Emojo has launched the Affino NX eBusiness Suite, an integrated online business solution. Affino NX is an eBusiness Solution--a software and technology platform which is designed to deliver a range of "Web 2.0" business activities online. The Affino suite encompasses eCommerce, Content Management, Net TV, eCommunity, Digital Asset Management, ePromotions, eServices, Online Directories, and SEO Automation.

With a single login, Affino allows transition from secure browsing through to participation, interaction, and transaction. The combination of commerce, community, and media was developed to enable media-enhanced product catalogues with supporting video on demand and community feedback. The Affino NX eBusiness Suite is available beginning December 2006 and has already been deployed on a number of pilot customer projects.