Emerald Introduces Free Content Service

Oct 11, 2005

Emerald Group Publishing has announced the launch of Library Link Newsletter Fillers, a free service created to help academic librarians who are responsible for preparing their library's newsletters. Editors looking to expand the content of their newsletters are invited to include professionally written filler articles from the Library Link Newsletter Fillers service.

Written with the library end-user in mind, Library Link Newsletter Fillers promote the use of the library while educating and informing readers on timely issues. Each month, editors who subscribe to Library Link will be alerted to a new filler article that they can re-produce in their newsletter with copyright permission. The articles do not promote any particular vendor or publisher, but instead seek to inform and educate library newsletter readers on information quality, information literacy, and the value of the library. The articles will focus on popular or current issues pertaining to information, the Internet, communications, and other information-related topics. Upcoming topics include librarians as leaders in the Information Age and email organization tips.