Elsevier Selects ClearForest

Jun 17, 2003

ClearForest has announced that Elsevier, a publisher of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, has selected ClearResearch and ClearLab from ClearForest to create new derivative content products for specialty research markets and to enhance overall online search and analytic capabilities for Elsevier customers. Using ClearForest, Elsevier hopes to uncover intelligence buried in existing Elsevier content, and repurpose the information in the form of derivative specialty content products. Enhanced online search and analytic capabilities will allow researchers to more quickly synthesize scientific content, by uncovering and visualizing links and relationships. Elsevier publishes more than 1,800 journals and 2,200 new books per year, in addition to offering a suite of electronic products, such as ScienceDirect (www.sciencedirect.com) and MD Consult (www.mdconsult.com) databases, online reference works and subject-specific portals. ClearForest offers a product suite designed to extract value from unstructured content. Using Intelligent Hybrid Tagging techniques, ClearForest classifies documents and discovers entities, facts, events, and relationships buried within documents, producing richly tagged XML. ClearForest's business intelligence applications automatically integrate the tagged content and deliver visual, interactive summaries providing users insight into data. This enables users to identify previously hidden patterns, trends, and insights. ClearForest also provides users the ability to develop customized discovery modules. Using the ClearLab development environment, users can build personalized discovery modules. ClearLab also provides support for writing, testing, and debugging.

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