Elsevier Releases Scopus

Mar 16, 2004

Elsevier has released Scopus, a full text-linking abstract and indexing (A&I) database, to select libraries for final testing and user trials. Full commercial release is expected to follow in Q4 2004. Conceived in response to librarian and user requirements, Scopus is the result of Elsevier's two-year collaboration with librarians and researchers at over 20 institutions. During the development phase, librarians and researchers requested a resource to eliminate duplication of content, and provide seamless access to full text. So the core of Scopus is an A&I database of scientific literature, covering titles from over 4,000 STM publishers. Scopus also simultaneously searches the scientific Web using the science-only Internet search engine, Scirus. Results are listed almost immediately, then users can link to the full text in one click. Scopus is designed to be as much a service as a product. It offers local customer support, customer-specific usage reports, which will be COUNTER compliant, as well as on- and off-site training, in an effort to provide a complete package for librarians and end-users.

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(http://www.elsevier.com; www.infotoday.com/newsbreaks/nb040315-1.shtml)