Elsevier, MIT Press And John Wiley & Sons Settle Custom Copies Suit

Jul 15, 2003

Elsevier Inc., The MIT Press, and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., publishers of scientific, technical, and medical materials, have settled their pending copyright infringement lawsuit against Custom Copies, Inc., and its president, Kenneth F. Roberts, both of Gainesville, Florida. The suit charged the defendants with unauthorized photocopying of material from the publishers' books and journals. In settlement of the case, the defendants agreed to pay an undisclosed amount, regularly report photocopy usage, and promptly pay associated royalties to rights licensing agent Copyright Clearance Center. The publishers' complaint, filed in federal district court in Gainesville last October, alleged that Custom Copies was producing coursepacks for sale near the University of Florida campus in Gainesville without authorization from the publishers which hold the rights to the coursepack content. Coursepacks are collections of excerpts from books, journals and other copyrighted materials that are photocopied and used as required reading for many college courses. Professors designate the materials to be included in the coursepacks, but the copy shop cannot reproduce and sell copyright protected materials without first securing permission from the copyright holder or its agent.

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