Elsevier Expands Content

Jan 29, 2008

Elsevier, a publisher of science and health information, announced the expanded development and offering of electronic book content, with initial stages rolling out in 2008 and the complete program in place by 2009. In 2007, Elsevier launched more than 4,000 books electronically on ScienceDirect as well as other third-party platforms. In 2008, Elsevier will publish 10 major reference works, including the "Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development"; the "Niels Bohr 13-volume Limited Edition Collector's Set"; and the "Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict." Among these, two will be exclusively in electronic format: the "Encyclopedia of Neuroscience," edited by Larry R. Squire in October 2008, and the second edition of "Encyclopedia of Ocean Science" in November 2008, edited by John H. Steele, Steve A. Thorpe, and Karl K. Turekian. Elsevier will continue to publish print MRWs as the market and customer require it.