Elsevier Announces Increased Access to EMBASE.com

Dec 02, 2005

Elsevier has announced that access to EMBASE.com is now available to faculty, students, researchers, and physicians affiliated with 11 of China's universities as the result of a new consortium licensing agreement. The agreement will enable tens of thousands of individuals throughout China at institutions of varying sizes and resources to benefit from access to this biomedical and pharmacological information resource.

EMBASE.com provides coverage of articles published both inside and outside of China of particular relevance to the Chinese biomedical community--from the latest information about the menace of avian flu to proprietary Chinese drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicines such as Hochuekkito, Cordyceps sinensis, Bupleurum root and Isatidis extract, and acupuncture and related physical therapies. Recall is facilitated by a thesaurus of indexing terms, many of which are specific to Chinese medicine, concept terms like evidence-based medicine and clinical trials and trade and manufacturer drug and device name fields.

(www.elsevier.com; www.embase.com)